Apparently we're burglars.

The Met Police are grabbing Just Stop Oil supporters off the street, holding us in cells and interviewing us on made-up charges of conspiracy to commit burglary. If they want to accuse us of burglary we may as well look the part.

Help fund our resistance. Buy a Just Stop Oil supporter a hi-vis balaclava.*

*We’re not going to spend your donation on a balaclavas – we don’t do burglary. We’ve never done burglary. But we do need to raise funds to spread the word on our next phase of actions, delivering trainings and supporting those in action. Can you chip in?

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“you've conspiRed with others TO,
ERR, commit burglary."

— Metropolitan Police Officer while arresting Phoebe Plummer.

Since we started (Feb 2022)

Name recognition for Just Stop Oil
of britons have an unfavourable opinion of the oil and gas industry
1 %
of major political parties (except the Tories) have adopted our key demand, no new oil, gas or coal
1 %
of the public support our demand
1 %

Global coverage for our actions

Just Stop Oil supporters throw soup over Van Gogh's sunflowers in demand to stop new oil and gas projects
press mentions in 2023
1 K
potential press reach
1 B
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£ 1 B

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Bang for your buck

Protest movements are the fastest, most cost-effective way of creating transformative change.

Funding of environmental orgs

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The experts who study social movements not only believe that strategic disruption can be an effective tactic, but that it is the most important tactical factor for a social movement’s success.

Source: Climate Emergency Fund

Our Supporters

“More protests are coming, buckle up.”

Margaret Klein, Psychologist
Margaret Klein Salamon – Clinical psychologist turned climate warrior

“If we don't act we are doomed.”

Chris Packham
Chris Packham – Naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author

“Do people not care about their kids' futures?”

Matthew Todd
Matthew Todd – Writer, editor and occasional stand-up comedian

“Civil disobedience is our last and only hope.”

Valerie Brown
Valerie Brown – Burning Pink candidate for London Mayor

“Disruption is part and parcel of protest, it is how you get attention.”

Dale Vince, business owner
Dale Vince – Green industrialist and founder of Ecotricity

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