2024 is set to be election crunch time and it looks as if there will be a landslide victory for Labour. Now is not the time to relax. Labour looks set to meet our demand by ending the licensing of new oil and gas, but they have said they will not revoke new licences granted by the Tories. If Labour claims to stand legitimately against the Tories, then they must stand against genocide and against Tory oil.

We have written to Labour MPs demanding confirmation that they will end Tory oil within 6 months of coming into power. So far none have responded. We will try once more but should they fail to answer, we will hold them to account. Our message is clear, protect our communities or resign!

Diy direct action pack

Everything you need to start holding Labour to account

There are a lot of Labour MPs and candidates to approach and, if necessary, to apply pressure to… so we need your help. With that in mind, we’ve tried to make it as easy for everyone to get involved in this as possible.

On this page, you can download an action pack to approach your MP directly. It includes: 

  • A letter to post to your Labour Party MP
  • A poster you can encourage them to hold
  • Leaflets you can print at home
  • Guidance on holding Labour to account
  • Help on finding good locations for actions

But if you want to/have to stick to the digital realm – we have things you can do there too! See the Armchair Actions!

Letter to Labour Party Candidate

Letter to send your MP
Please download this file and adapt it for your Labour MP/candidate.


Poster to print at home
You can use this artwork for A4 or A3 prints. Get your MP to hold up this poster! 

Armchair Actions!

We need to call these MPs and put them on the spot. Can you help?

We need YOU to ring 10 top Labour politicians. Perhaps you can spend an hour a week calling them or maybe one phone call a day. Keep asking them to Stop Tory Oil or read them the open letter to Labour MPs (see below). You will likely be speaking to an assistant and they will hang up. No worries, call again. Even if we cannot speak to them, the continuous ringing will clog their systems, apply pressure and make them take notice.

These are the 10 MP’s to focus on


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If you want to email your Labour MP use the text and link below

Here is the letter you can take and adapt for your MP. Copy the text to you clipboard using this button:

And then use the button below to open a new tab where you can enter your postcode to find your MP and then paste the letter text. Feel free to personalise the text, but do remember that everything we do is nonviolent and that includes our language!

Letter to send your MP

Just Stop Oil calls on candidates for the Labour Party in the next General Election, to agree (if elected) to resign from the Labour Party within six months, if a Labour administration allows the continuation of the Conservative Party’s post 2021 new fossil fuel projects.

In 1939 the brutal reality of going to war dawned on the Government of the United Kingdom and a mobilisation took place. The entire economy, from agriculture to heavy industry, was transformed to support the war effort. Government didn’t sit on its hands, because action could have upset capital investments. They did what was needed in response to a threat to the nation state. They didn’t know if it would work, they didn’t know if it could be afforded, they just knew it needed to be done.

This is what is required: recognising the threat and taking the required action. If that means cancelling or rescinding oil and gas licences, so be it. If companies lose money, so be it. If major oil companies lose faith in the UK and its government, so be it. We would cope. 

2023 was the hottest year on record. It was the first year in which average global temperatures exceeded 1.5C above pre-industrial levels in at least one global temperature dataset. The 17th November reached 2.07°C above the pre-industrial average.

We are now living in uncharted territory. There is no credible pathway to deliver the commitments that were enshrined in law at the Paris agreement in 2015. 

It is known that destabilising planetary systems will result in the deaths of countless millions, into the thousands of millions. Put simply, humanity will not be able to feed itself – as the Ministry of Defence acknowledged in 2019, there will be increasing conflict for diminishing natural resources – that means war over food, water and somewhere to live. 

What this will look and feel like, is probably beyond our imagination. Starvation, loss, homelessness, terror, fascist armies, war crimes- take your pick.

We ask all Labour candidates, to pick a side and do the right thing and make the following statement: 

I am the Labour Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for (name of constituency). On being elected as a Member of Parliament. I will resign from the Labour party if an incoming Labour administration fails within six months to cancel all new fossil fuel licences and consents issued since 2021.




Please email confirmation of the statement to [email protected]