Just Stop Oil supporters invade the track at Silverstone disrupting the British Grand Prix

Five Just Stop Oil supporters have disrupted the British Grand Prix at Silverstone by invading the track and sitting down. They are demanding that the government calls an immediate halt to new oil and gas projects in the UK and have said that they will continue to disrupt sports, cultural events and oil until this demand is met.

The track invasion occurred during a halt in the race after an accident on the first lap. The Just Stop Oil supporters were removed by track officials and police and expect to be arrested.

Louis Mckechnie, 21, Weymouth said   

“I’m in resistance because I cannot stand by while our government licenses new oil and gas projects. Our addiction to oil has brought us to the brink of catastrophe. Millions of people face starvation globally as a result of climate breakdown and the fossil fuelled war in Ukraine. Hungry people are rioting, economies are collapsing – this is what happens when you run out of food. 

Our government is knowingly destroying my future and condemning billions of people to death all over the world. They have failed us, we will die waiting for politicians to solve this crisis. We refuse to be spectators to genocide. I urge everyone to join the Just Stop Oil coalition and resist this government’s genocidal plans. Nonviolent civil resistance is the only thing that can save us now.” 

 Bethany Mogie, 40,  from St Albans said

“This is the most frightening thing I have ever done, but I’m supporting the Just Stop Oil coalition because I’m even more terrified about what this government is doing to our children. They are behaving criminally and I refuse to stand by and watch. If we do not act with urgency to end our reliance on fossil fuels, climate collapse will be inevitable and unstoppable. We will lose everything. ” 

Joshua Smith, 29, a bricklayer from Manchester said

“Burning oil and gas is directly responsible for the climate crisis. If Governments arent made to end new fossil fuel projects then children alive today will grow up in a collapsing world with devastating heat waves, crop failure and ultimately no food on the shelves of Tesco.  That means you having to explain to your children why they are going to bed hungry each night . 

Successive governments have had 30 years to fix this, it’s obvious that our political system cannot deal with such a monumental crisis.  Resistance is the only sane response to this situation and it’s the only thing that will work. 

Alasdair Gibson, 21, a student from Aberdeen said  

No one is exempt from the devastating consequences of climate change. It’s not a problem for tomorrow, it’s a threat we face today. It’s already here. Hundreds of millions of people across the world are exposed to drought and famine. Every region of the earth is exposed to extreme temperatures. We are living on borrowed time.

Our government is failing to take the necessary steps to keep its citizen’s safe, which is why I believe that civil resistance  is needed. Don’t be a bystander, get involved in the nonviolent fight for our future.

Just Stop Oil supporters are being charged and imprisoned for telling the truth about the government’s genocidal pursuit of new oil and gas. We have made a conscious choice to resist the destruction of humanity and we are prepared to accept the consequences. It’s time to step up and take action. Join a zoom call – every Tuesday at 7pm. https://juststopoil.org/zoom/


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