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If you'd like to find out more about the climate science we're acting on, and the social science informing our actions, come to a welcome talk. See what's available near you.

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People are committing to march every day for a week and to risk arrest by continuing to march when police direct them to stop (via a Section 12 order).

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“What we do over the next three to four years, I believe, is going to determine the future of humanity.

Sir David King, the former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, 2021

How people are taking on oil.

Taking action

The plan.

3 weeks of action.

From October 29th we will slow march in London on an unprecedented scale. People are coming together from all over the UK, standing shoulder to shoulder against this criminal Government.

Deliberate Disobedience.

We will be marching peacefully to demand no new oil, gas or coal. As the disruptions grows what will the Government do? Concede to our demand, or crack down and arrest us all?

We will win.

This is how civil resistance works: applying nonviolent pressure until we force change to happen. It's how the Freedom Riders forced an end to segregated buses in 1961. It's how Martin Luther King won civil rights in Birmingham Alabama in 1963. It's how we'll win and force this criminal government to act on the unfolding climate disaster by stopping new oil and gas. No-one’s going to save us, we need to come together to do that for ourselves.