In 2019 Extinction Rebellion brought 10,000 people onto London’s streets for 10 days and made history. Before the Rebellion hardly anyone knew about the climate emergency, afterwards,  

70% of the British Public believed we face a crisis.

Weeks later in May 2019, the UK parliament became the first country in the world to make a Climate and Ecological emergency declaration. NGOs admitted, that those two weeks of civil disobedience did more to communicate our dire reality than decades of conventional campaigning.

In 2021 Insulate Britain became the biggest climate campaign of the year, the first to go from zero to 80% name recognition in two weeks. The first to block the M25 and other highways 17 times in 7 weeks. It’s no brainer demand of insulating homes went from a non issue to a top national talking point on what to do to reduce emission

Then in 2022 Just Stop Oil in a matter of weeks become the number one climate campaign of this year. For the first time oil depots were blocked upon and down the country. Over half of the oil distribution of the country was disrupted. 

Nearly 60%
of the UK population now want no more new oil drilling.

All these projects, the three biggest climate campaigns of the last four years, were created by largely the same team of people who now run Just Stop Oil, using four key elements:

  • A clear central management structure to run the operation.
  • A set concrete and winnable aim.
  • A plan to engage in mass civil disobedience week after week.
  • A plan for mobilization of ordinary people through hundreds of public meetings.

We do not have the time to support projects that are not going to work. Campaigns against palm oil and such like are all well and good but let’s keep our eye on the prize – we need to force our government to reduce emissions NOW and work with similar projects around the world.


With three years left there is only one way to save all we love

Civil resistance


Co-founder of XR, Insulate Britain, Just Stop Oil


To succeed we need to financially support hundreds of mainly young people, working full time and as volunteers, to recruit the 1000s we need in the streets this Autumn. 
To support all the future campaigns through the next all important three years.

So far £500,000 has been raised

Give what you earn in an hour once a month.

This is your contribution to a collective effort, to get real results.​

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