A message to the writers

Thank you to all those who signed the XR Writers Rebel statement condemning the jailing of Just Stop Oil supporters – 13 remain in prison. As we face the reality of 2023, that the government is harming us now, and plans greater harm for the future, they ask you not to feel sorry for them, but to join them in civil resistance.

When those in power start harming their citizens, when they plan a course of action that they know will result in countless millions of deaths, action that will destroy entire nations, acts of genocide – they will ultimately be held to account. Those in power today must hope that their future prosecutors have a respect for the sanctity of life that they so obviously lack.

In 2022 in the UK, the mercury climbed over 40C for the first time in recorded history, homes promtly burst into flames, the railway network shutdown, crops died in the fields and the government imprisoned 138 ordinary people for demanding an end to the genocidal project that is new oil and gas.

Under British law there is a legal right and there is a moral duty to take action, to nonviolently demand that our future, the future of those suffering now, the future of those yet to come is protected and defended.