Four Just Stop Oil Supporters acquitted of obstruction and one found guilty of criminal damage for spraying lobbyists HQ at Tufton Street 

A Just Stop Oil Supporter was found guilty of criminal damage for spraying orange paint on 55 Tufton Street, while four others were acquitted of highway obstruction as they took action in October last year to demand an end to new fossil fuel projects in the UK.[1]

At Westminster Magistrates this morning, the court heard how on October 25th last year, four Just Stop Oil supporters joined a roadblock on Horseferry Road and one sprayed paint on 55 Tufton Street, the headquarters of the Global Warming Policy Foundation and other fossil fuel lobby groups. [2]

At Westminster Magistrates Court today, Peter Harrison was found guilty of causing criminal damage for spraying paint. He was fined £1,900 and received a conditional discharge. Aaron Gunning, Julian Russell, Amy Friel and Anne Richards were acquitted of charges related to the roadblock.

Peter Harrison, 68, a pensioner from Lavender Hill, London said:

“55 Tufton Street is the epicentre of climate deniers in London if not in Britain, with tentacles right through to 10 Downing Street. I don’t mind people holding different opinions, but when they lie and those lies are causing irreparable harm, that’s when it’s time for good people to stand up. We’re doing this because, in spite of them, we want to live and have a future – and not just for us but for our children and grandchildren.”

Amy Friel, 20, from Ireland said:  

“Tufton Street undermines the whole climate movement through their high level misinformation. Government, oil and Tufton Street are inextricably linked and they’re actively burning up our future and my future. Not in my name!”

Julian Russell, 67, a therapist and trainer from Streatham, London said:

“My great grandparents came from Germany before the war. The Jewish half of the family left behind was wiped out in Auswitz as the ethnic German half stood by. I’m not going to be a bystander in the greatest crisis we have ever faced.”

A spokesperson for Just Stop Oil said:

“Decades of climate denial and delay, promoted by Tufton Street lobbyists, have put us on course for climate collapse. This means millions of people will die, many more will be displaced from their homes and entire nations will be destroyed. Our government knows this and yet it still plans to hand out over 100 new oil and gas licences this year.

“The ordinary people who took action in October did so because they were not prepared to stand by and watch while everything we love is destroyed, while vulnerable people go hungry and fossil fuel companies and the rich profit from our misery.

“It’s time for the legal profession to step up and pick a side.  You don’t have to prosecute and convict brave students and pensioners. You don’t have to lock up these courageous, skilled, loving members of society. If you choose to do that, know that you are complicit in genocide. Is that what you want your life’s legacy to be?

Since the Just Stop Oil campaign began on April 1st 2022, there have been over 2,000 arrests and 138 people have spent time in prison. There are currently 9 Just Stop Oil supporters in prison awaiting trial or serving sentences for actions taken with the campaign. 

We stand with our 9 supporters in prison, with the 1,800 victims of our broken criminal justice system imprisoned for over a year without trial and with the 1,700 murdered across the global south, for protecting all our lives.This is the moment for us to come together and resist the destruction of everything we love, something that is being imposed on us by a few, who only seek to enrich themselves. We’re done with begging. We are going to stop new fossil fuel projects whether those in power agree or not. As citizens, parents and children, we have every right under British law to protect ourselves and those we love. We are the last generation who can solve this. Will you step up? Join us and Just Stop Oil. [3][4]


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Notes to Editors

[1] Just Stop Oil is a coalition of groups working together to demand that the government immediately halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK. Just Stop Oil is a member of the A22 Network of civil resistance projects. Climate Emergency Fund is Just Stop Oil’s primary funder for recruitment, training, and capacity building.

[2] Press Release from 25th October:

[3] Fair Trials reports that the number of people being held in prison without trial in England and Wales is at its highest for over 50 years, with 1,800 people in prison without trial for at least a year. 

[4] A recent report from Global Witness says that more than 1,700 people have died while trying to prevent mining, oil drilling or logging on their lands.