50 Just Stop Oil Supporters breach the Warwickshire injunction

A group of 50 ordinary people are risking their liberty to sit peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal holding banners, in breach of a private injunction designed to protect the profits of the oil industry. This is the first of a series of nonviolent actions in support of Just Stop Oil’s demand that the UK government end new oil and gas projects in the UK. 

The injunction granted to North Warwickshire Borough Council on 14th April, gives sweeping powers of arrest to the authorities and effectively outlaws any protest activity near the Kingsbury Terminal, the largest inland oil storage depot in the country.[1]

The Just Stop Oil supporters, many of whom have already taken action this year, are likely to face a charge of contempt of court. If found guilty they could be imprisoned for up to two years. Four people are currently in prison for resisting the government’s genocidal plans to encourage new oil and gas. [2] 

Michelle Charlesworth, 55, a former human resources professional from Oxfordshire said:

“I would not be able to look my three year old grandson in the eye if I didn’t do everything in my power to secure a liveable future for him. This is my purpose now. And not just for him, but for all of humanity. The government is condemning us all to starvation, misery and death if they don’t stop licensing new oil and gas.” 

King Charles III spoke up about the climate crisis before we all realised how bad it was. Now he is king he has to be neutral, but how can you be neutral about climate collapse?  He has said that he knows trusted hands will continue his work. I am responding to this call and I will continue to step up and do everything in my power to force the government to address the climate and cost of living crisis. 

If you feel the same, will you join us and be this voice of reason in the chaos that is killing us all?    Now is the moment to come together and resist. Join us in Westminster from 1st October.”

Michelle is one of 25 people from Just Stop Oil who have already spent time on remand in police cells and in prison this year as a result of actions taken at the Kingsbury Oil Terminal. She spent 28 days in HMP Foston Hall in May 2022.

Rajan Naidu, 62, a social justice advocate from Birmingham said:

The government was elected to serve the will, needs and best interests of the people of Britain. Since we face climate and ecological collapse and a cost of living crisis, surely they must serve our best interests by stopping all new oil and gas immediately and investing in renewables, insulation and free public transport? 

“The dangerously hot weather we had this year will be repeated, a bit worse and a bit longer next time. That will mean crop failure, ongoing food shortages and civil unrest. Does anyone, outside of the fossil fuel industry and politicians and political parties owned by big money interests, think carrying on with this suicidal fossil fuel economy is worth this level of risk?”

Zoe Cohen, 52, a self-employed mother from Warrington said:

“The Prime Minister and her cronies are up to their necks in oil – it’s as if the board of Shell and BP are running the Cabinet! Is there even one of them who didn’t used to work for, or isn’t being bought by oil money? Ordinary people don’t stand a chance!

“I’m an ordinary Mum who has voted in every election since I was 18 – it hasn’t changed anything. And yet we know that humanity is capable of so much better! I have no choice but to be in nonviolent civil resistance against these people and their death project. Please join us in peacefully occupying Westminster from the 1st October onwards.”

Since April 1st when supporters of Just Stop Oil first began blocking oil terminals there have been over 1300 arrests. The supporters of Just Stop Oil will continue the disruption until the government makes a statement that it will end new oil and gas projects in the UK. 

As the government doubles down on fossil fuel energy by “ramping up supply” and breaks its manifesto commitment on fracking, Just Stop Oil supporters will continue to take nonviolent direct action to demand an end to this genocidal death project. We accept the consequences of our actions and we don’t need you to feel sorry for us, we need you to step up and join us.  [3] [4]

This is the moment to come together and resist. We are not prepared to just watch while they destroy everything we love. We’re done with begging. Voting has changed nothing. We are going to stop new oil whether those in power agree or not. As citizens, as humans, as parents and children we have every right under British law to protect ourselves and those we love. This is the moment, we are the last generation that can solve this. Will you step up and join us? If we all come together we can do this. We can Just Stop Oil. Join us on October 1st in Westminster.


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Notes to Editors

[1] https://www.northwarks.gov.uk/downloads/file/9139/injunction_order

[2] Still being held without trial for taking action with Just Stop Oil are: Joshua Smith, 29 from Manchester and Louis McKechnie, 21 from Weymouth, who have been on remand since July 7th and are expected to face trial in February 2023.  Chris Bennet, 31 from Bristol, who occupied one of the Essex tunnels near the Navigator oil terminal. In addition one person is in prison for resisting the Southampton Heathrow pipeline.

[3] https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-liz-trusss-opening-speech-on-the-energy-policy-debate

[4] https://www.carbonbrief.org/factcheck-why-fracking-is-not-the-answer-to-the-uks-energy-crisis/

About Just Stop Oil

Just Stop Oil is a coalition of groups working together to demand that the government immediately halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK.

We must urgently end our reliance on fossil fuels to avoid irreversible changes in the earth’s climate system. We cannot continue to burn fossil fuels in the belief that future developments in carbon capture and storage and other so-called “unicorn technologies” will allow us to suck vast quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

The UK must begin this process immediately. It starts by calling a halt to any further fossil fuel projects on the UK Continental Shelf. That would give us eight years of fossil fuel production left in which to rapidly transition to a zero carbon economy.

Everyone knows we have to engage in massive changes. Just Stop Oil is a coalition of groups demanding the no-brainer things be done immediately – actions that will reduce the demand for fossil fuel energy dramatically such as insulating our homes, rethinking how we travel, getting on with renewable energy and making sure no-one is left behind. 

We either come together as humanity or we die. Youth know which they choose. They have already chosen. They are in the streets to demand a future. We are all in the streets to make sure they get it. It’s as basic as that.

Further information about Just Stop Oil and our demands here: https://www.juststopoil.org