Court testimony of Rajan Naidu who was released from HMP Birmingham earlier today.

“There are three elephants in the courtroom, the climate and ecological crisis, the sixth mass extinction, and institutional corruption.

– Fossil fuel corporations are, without doubt, are major contributors to catastrophic climate change.

– We have, on the one hand, fossil fuel corporations and the politicians who both protect and financially benefit from them. Fossil fuel corporations are degrading and destabilizing our planet’s biosphere. On the other hand we have a growing movement of ordinary people in non-violent civil resistance against the machine that is killing us.

– This injunction aims to protect the rights/privileges of fossil fuel corporations to profit massively while they wantonly, and with impunity, violate the rights to safety, security and life of over seven billion human beings and countless other species.

– We have an inalienable right to life; with that comes a corresponding responsibility/duty to defend and protect life. We are fulfilling that responsibility.

– As long as fossil fuel corporations, and other rapacious corporations with unethical business models that ignore and violate human rights, social justice, climate justice and commit ecocide that leads ultimately to genocide, we the people must, as a matter of self-defence, engage in global nonviolent civil resistance to bring equity and justice.

– Finally I call on everyone here to join this struggle for justice and survival in whatever way you can. “I was only following orders. I never knew” will not be any defence.