Just Stop Oil Statement

Just Stop Oil supporters will continue the campaign of civil resistance on the M25 motorway network in the coming days. We ask everyone who is planning to use the M25, or associated roads, from 7AM tomorrow to be prepared for closures and severe delay to their journeys or to make alternative plans. 

Once again, we urge National Highways to implement a 30 mph speed limit across the entire M25 road network in line with their responsibility to keep the public safe.

To the government we say yet again, what did you expect?

Under British law we have the legal right, and a moral duty, to disrupt to prevent this great harm – the right of necessity. The UK Government’s policy to allow new North Sea oil and gas results, as the United Nations has pointed out, in there being ‘no credible path’ to remaining at or below 1.5C of heating. This will result in the collapse of ordered civil society, the loss of our rights and freedoms and the death of countless millions of people. We will not stand by and allow this mass murder to happen.