Statement on M25 collision on 9th November

The collision of two lorries and the injury of a police officer on the M25 this morning is an awful situation. The level of disruption being witnessed on the M25 should not be happening – people are rightly angry and frustrated. The impact on peoples lives is huge. In normal circumstances this would be unacceptable.  It should never have come to this. The failure of our politics has left us with no other option as we seek to protect our rights and freedoms from a collapse in law and order due to a heating world. The government can end this, immediately, by ending dirty new oil and gas. The failure to abandon this toxic policy is a failure of politics and failure of leadership, it is a betrayal of us, our children and this country.

It would be inappropriate to comment further on the details of the M25 accident while a police investigation is ongoing.​​​​​​​

Police report here: