Just Stop Oil’s statement as bidding begins for new North Sea oil and gas licenses.

Just Stop Oil is appalled by the government’s decision to allow bidding on new oil and gas licenses in the North Sea. Their announcement of this act of harm will be used in evidence in the climate trials of the future. Our children will hold to account those responsible for trashing their future and committing genocide.

There is no case for new fossil fuels. The United Nations are clear – it is moral and economic madness. But we are at the mercy of a government that has lost all concept of morality. The UK’s Minister for Climate, Graham Stuart says “it’s fantastic to see such interest from [the oil and gas] industry in this round”. A more appropriate reaction from a minister charged with preventing climate breakdown would be horror. There is no hiding from what the decision means. They have failed in their duty of care.

There is only one choice left for the ordinary people who love life more than oil; we will continue to resist this government’s genocidal plans for new fossil fuels.