Students Against EACOP Uganda Unite in Non-Violent Protest Against Harmful Project

Students Against EACOP press release- 27th June 2023

Uganda, June 27th, 2023: Today, in a historic display of solidarity, Students Against EACOP (East African Crude Oil Pipeline) joined forces in a peaceful protest march to the Parliament of Uganda. The united student community, in a concerted effort to protect their future and the environment, are delivering a powerful petition to honorable members, urging them to halt the EACOP project due to its detrimental impact on the student community and beyond.

As representatives of the vibrant we recognize the urgency of addressing the dire consequences that the EACOP project poses. Our collective voices speak for the countless young minds who are deeply concerned about the environmental ramifications, economic inequalities, and potential displacement of local communities resulting from this venture as illustrated in our petition with attached evidence.

EACOP, as a crude oil pipeline spanning across Uganda, Tanzania, and international waters, raises alarming concerns regarding its impact on climate change and biodiversity. Our generation understands the urgent need for sustainable solutions and demands a shift towards renewable energy sources. We firmly believe that investing in clean, green technologies will pave the way for a healthier, more prosperous future

Furthermore, the EACOP project threatens to disrupt the lives and livelihoods of countless Ugandan communities, including our fellow students. The potential displacement of families and disruption of local economies will not only jeopardize education but also perpetuate social and economic inequalities. We stand united in advocating for justice and equity, ensuring that the voices of marginalized communities are heard and respected.

The non-violent protest march to the Parliament of Uganda is a testament to our unwavering commitment to peaceful activism and constructive dialogue. We applaud the honorable members and urge them to exhibit their will to engage with the concerns of the student community. We implore them to consider the long-term implications of the EACOP project and take immediate action to halt its progress.

The petition delivered today is a culmination of tireless efforts and extensive research conducted by Students Against EACOP and Justice Movement Uganda. It represents the voices of thousands of students who are determined to safeguard our shared future and protect the environment for generations to come.

We sincerely hope that our plea resonates with the honorable members, fostering a genuine dialogue and inspiring tangible steps towards a more sustainable and equitable Uganda. By halting the EACOP project, we can redirect our efforts and resources towards embracing clean energy alternatives, preserving our natural heritage, and cultivating a prosperous future for all.

Together, as students, activists, and concerned citizens, we stand united against the EACOP project. We call upon the honorable members of Parliament to champion our cause and prioritize the well-being of our communities and the environment.



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About Students Against EACOP:

Students Against EACOP is a grassroots movement comprising passionate students from across Uganda. We are dedicated to protecting our environment, advocating for sustainable development, and safeguarding the rights of marginalized communities.