How many people will die before you stop sending people like me to prison?

This afternoon, at Highbury Magistrates court, another Just Stop Oil supporter has been remanded to prison for up to 6 months, for slow marching in London. 

Phoebe Plummer, 22, appeared before Judge McDonnell and was remanded to prison for marching on the streets of London at Earls court. 

Phoebe was charged with a Public Order Act 2023 Section 7 offence relating to interfering with the use or operation of any key national infrastructure. On Wednesday she marched alongside 66 other supporters of Just Stop Oil in London to demand an end to new oil and gas. 

In court Phoebe argued that not being able to protest in London would be an infringement on her right to protest, particularly in London where parliament sits. When the Judge asked Phoebe if she would continue to protest, she responded “I will continue exercising my human right to protest, yes”

Judge McDonnell said that there were substantial grounds to believe Phoebe would continue to protest if released and ordered that Phoebe be remanded to prison for a maximum of 6 months. She will next appear in Southwark Crown Court on the 30th November to enter her plea. 

As the Judge remanded Phoebe to prison, Phoebe said:

“I’m not going to walk out like that. I will continue to march while they continue to licence new oil, gas and coal. How many more children have to die before you listen? How many more floods have to wipe out entire villages? How many people will die before you stop sending people like me to prison? Sir Mark Rowley has been handed a dossier of evidence. Why won’t you investigate the real criminals?”