Response to the Metropolitan Police’s Force Management Statement 2023

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Just Stop Oil is committed to nonviolence, now and in the future. However if politicians don’t act to defend us, if they continue to increase flood risk, drive 1000s of people from their homes, destroy our ability to travel and reduce the country’s ability to feed itself, then the Police are right, there is the potential for a violent response. The route to avoiding this is to end new oil and gas and mobilise the country to deal with climate breakdown.

It is a tragedy, but eco-terrorism is alive and well, we felt its impact this week – devastation and disruption across the country, in Shropshire, in Nottingham, in Worcester. Evacuated families, crops written off, businesses shuttered, roads and railways closed. The plan is to make this worse, each year, every year for another quarter of a century, and this eco-extremism is being committed by the UK’s politicians, not the ordinary nonviolent people who are demanding a future.

Just Stop Oil is meeting the Met Police (on Monday Jan 8th 2024) and will outline what steps they need to take to protect the British public from this threat.