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Civil Resistance as the Heart and Soul of Queer Existence- A call to Action

As another Pride month is coming to an end with London’s much-anticipated Pride Parade, it’s important to reflect on the responsibility that we as members of the LGBTQIA+ community have: to stand in civil resistance against the greatest threat to our lives yet.  The UK Government is planning to licence over 100 new fossil fuel …

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Time’s Up

Why we are in civil resistance Our system is killing us. The root of the wreckage we see around us is a broken democracy, not a broken climate. Climate chaos is just a symptom of the endless greed of the powerful – who won’t stop until they’ve trashed even what they need to survive.  This …

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The secret ingredient that makes nonviolence so powerful Just Stop Oil supporters have been accused of being ‘destructive’, but equally, of not being forceful enough. On the one hand, we’re seen as yobs who rampage around smashing up petrol pumps; on the other, as hippies who hold hands in front of oil terminals. The way …

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Two words that change everything

When Just Stop Oil describes the Government as criminal, genocidal or guilty of mass murder, how do you feel? To some people, these words sound implausible and melodramatic. Far from it. Of course, they express rage but they also have a rock-solid justification in international criminal law. We all wish it wasn’t the case. Our …

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Government in the dock

Morgan Trowland goes on trial today at Basildon Crown Court, charged with causing a Public Nuisance after scaling the QE2 bridge to demand no new oil and gas. In this essay, he shows how the government should be prosecuted under exactly the same charge he faces. It’s a prophetic essay in which we can see …

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Out of their depth

If you’ve read Lord of the Rings, you’ll remember the hobbits living comfortably in the green, cosy Shire – oblivious to the gathering of the darkness elsewhere in Middle Earth. According to Roger Hallam, they’re alive and well, and working in a courtroom near you. They’re the judges and prosecutors sending people to prison for …

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This is not a climate crisis

The climate crisis is spoken about today by almost everyone – academics, scientists, civil society, activists, intellectuals and so on – as the greatest crisis facing humanity. It’s always described in global terms: a universal crisis facing humanity as a whole. Juan Pablo Gutierrez is a human rights defender, activist, decolonial teacher and international delegate …

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