This is how to get involved.

1. Come and join the community

Come to a Welcome Talk online or an Event in person. 

These talks take an unflinching look at the state we’re in, what we’re doing about it and how we will win.

Otherwise, you can come along to one of our socials or soup nights in your local area.

See the upcoming talks and events in the calendar below, click for more details.

Online zoom sessions: every Sunday at 5pm.

2. get Trained for action

Nonviolence training

This is essential for anyone taking action with us.

Explore what nonviolence is, how we use it and what it can help us achieve.

If there isn’t a training listed in your area, get in contact with the team:

[email protected]

3. Take Action!

Sign up below to take action. 

If you’ve not been to a Welcome Talk or our Action Training, let us know on this form and we’ll get you booked in.

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Direct action with Just Stop Oil can come with a risk of being arrested. Are you willing to take this risk?
Are you a student?

VOLUNTEER with Just Stop Oil

  • Sick of the inaction of the government?
  • Sick of all the false promises and failed policies
  • Want to get involved with UK’s most effective climate movement?

All skills welcome! 

Click the button below and let us know how you’d like to volunteer your time.

Labour and the Tories are driving genocide.

And young people are having none of it.

The Youth Demand an arms embargo on Israel and an end to Tory oil.

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