it's all fucked.

Politicians are failing us. The NHS is being dismantled, the rivers are full of shit, and nothing works any more.

We didn’t ask for genocide or climate collapse. We didn’t ask for starving children, foodbanks, or sky-high rents. Politicians are out of control and out of touch, so let’s kick them out.

We will support ordinary people to be heard and get elected. Let’s fight elections together and give the power back to the people. It’s an emergency.

“What we do over the next three to four years, I believe, is going to determine the future of humanity.

Sir David King, the former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, 2021

How people are taking on oil.

Taking action

The plan.


We are being lied to. We need to face up to the scale of the crisis that we are facing. Everything we know and love is threatened by the breakdown of our climate. Our economy, our homes our way of life. You, me, scientists, press, politicians, educators… everyone needs to face up to the reality of what is being done to us.


Every one of us feels alone in this. But when we come together, then we can start to grapple with the challenge of our lifetimes. When we come together we are powerful, and we can create meaningful change and make history. We come to talks and events, we cook and eat together, we train in nonviolent action and when we are ready we join our local group and take action.


This is how civil resistance works: applying nonviolent pressure until we force change to happen. It’s how the Freedom Riders forced an end to segregated buses in 1961. It’s how disabled people won accessible transport in the nineties. It's how we'll win and force this criminal government to act on the unfolding climate disaster by stopping new oil and gas. No-one’s going to save us, we need to come together to do that for ourselves.