Breaking: Just Stop Oil supporter locks on to goalpost during Arsenal v Liverpool game

Just Stop Oil Press Release 16/03/22

At 9:30 PM today, a young supporter of Just Stop Oil ran onto the pitch during the Arsenal v Liverpool game to draw attention to the group’s demand that the Government end all new fossil fuel supply projects.

Kai, 20, locked on to the goalpost at the Emirates Stadium wearing a Just Stop Oil t-shirt, causing the referee to briefly stop play.

Kai, 20, a Law student at the University of Manchester said

“The government is acting like they don’t care about my generation and I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t want food to run out for me or my loved ones when severe weather events mess up our food supply. I don’t want billions of people to be forced from their homes. If we lose control of our climate, which is exactly where we’re headed at the moment, then we put everything and everyone at risk. My generation won’t have a future.”

“The government is encouraging more investment in oil and gas, despite the danger of climate collapse – I want the government to do all they can to avoid this. They need to get a grip – more oil and gas will not help people with their energy bills but will kill more people now and in future.”

“I just want to get on with my life. But people need to know what our government is risking and that civil resistance can actually get the change we need to guarantee our safety. This couldn’t be more serious and everyone can be a part of changing our world.”

Every year 62,000 grassroots football matches in the UK are cancelled or postponed due to extreme weather and it’s estimated that almost one in four English football league grounds can expect flooding every year by 2050. The rapidly accelerating climate crisis threatens the future of sport around the world.[1]

Last month Just Stop Oil supporters delivered a letter to Downing Street asking the Prime Minister to bring an end to investment in new fossil fuel supply projects and warning that the group will take direct action if its demands are not met. A reply received by the group from BEIS indicates that the government has no intention of ending new fossil fuel supply, contrary to the expert advice from the International Energy Agency that such investment is inconsistent with maintaining a safe climate.[2]


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