Just Stop Oil responds to the Labour Party

In failing to offer the Just Stop Oil coalition its support the Labour Party has forgotten its history and roots. It was born out of a tradition of struggle and resistance.

For the current Labour leadership to call for ordinary people to be subjected to draconian court injunctions is a betrayal of those 200 years of history and tradition.

Such injunctions can result in those struggling to protect their own future being imprisoned without trial and facing unlimited fines; whilst the oil companies, governments and vested interests continue to actively destroy our society.

Keir Starmer needs to ‘Just Look Up’ or would he be calling for the suffragettes, the civil rights activists, Mandela and Gandhi to also be subject to such injunctions? 

The Labour party is now betraying its past, betraying the youth of this country, of every country and are complicit in climate genocide. The scientists know we are right, the judiciary know we are right, if you believe Sir Keir that you are right then come and meet and debate with us.