Statement on Easter fuel shortages

The Just Stop Oil coalition has formed in response to a single truth: that this world, our only home, will be unlivable due to current government policies to extract more oil and gas from the North Sea. 

With this knowledge it is ‘frankly dangerous’ to remain silent. We can not be bystanders while people, communities and countries across the world are sentenced to death because our government refused to get a grip and stop oil. 

At this critical moment we find ourselves, as others have through history, having to do what is unpopular, to break the law to prevent a much greater harm taking place.

No-one wants to be doing this, right now millions of people are being plunged into poverty by eye watering energy bills, the profits from which are being used to fund wars in Ukraine and Yemen. The Government can end the queues and closures at petrol station forecourts immediately, ahead of the Easter holidays, by committing to halt all new oil licenses and consents. 

Ministers have a choice: they can arrest and imprison Just Stop Oil supporters or agree to no new oil and gas. While Just Stop Oil supporters have their liberty the disruption will continue. Now is the moment to come and meet with the coalition.

Oil destroys our economy

Oil destroys our festivals

Oil destroys our democracy

Oil destroys everything. 


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