Update from Birmingham Crown Court – Tuesday 17th May

Birmingham Crown Court cases were delayed this morning as the bus that was to transport four Just Stop Oil supporters from the women’s prison, HMP Foston Hall to their hearing was unavailable. Their cases will be heard tomorrow (18th May).

After a delay, the proceedings against Rajan Naidu, 71, from Birmingham, Joe Howlett, 32, from Somerset were resumed. Despite admitting to at least two injunction breaks and being in contempt of court for failing to turn up at a previous hearing, both were sentenced to time already served with no fine and no costs. Victoria Lindsell, 66 was also due in court today, but decided to stay away to continue her campaign of resistance. (See her letter here)

Just Stop oil supporters present at court said that Judge Kelly acknowledged the moral and heartfelt reasons behind the injunction breaches. Joe Howlett, who represented himself, questioned the word ‘heartfelt’ and stated that his actions were not emotional but based on scientific fact. He questioned the judicial system which supported climate criminals such as oil companies and the government, while people were suffering heatwaves and droughts. Judge Kelly appeared to listen and didn’t, as on previous occasions, walk out.