Six more Just Stop Oil supporters due at court today

A further six Just Stop Oil supporters are due to appear at Birmingham Crown Court at 10:30am today charged with contempt of court for breaking the Kingsbury injunction more than once by standing peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal demanding an end to new North Sea oil and gas.[1] 

Michelle Cadet-Rose, 56, from Chesterfield, Eilidh McFadden, 20, from West Lothian, Dr Tom Barber, 62, from Nottingham, Rev Tim Hewes, 71, from Wantage are currently on police bail and it is possible that one or more of them may fail to turn up.  Also appearing today are Rev Bill White, 67, from Cheshire and Peter Morgan, 73, from Birmingham who are currently in prison. 

Rev Bill White is a retired Anglican priest currently held on remand at HMP Birmingham after refusing to leave his court cell for a hearing at Birmingham Crown Court last Thursday 12th May. 

Bill, 67, a former Church of England parish priest in both Cheshire and Cumbria, and a grandfather to four said:

“I am here because the government is failing to meet its legal and moral obligations to the rest of us. We are simply asking that as a first step we do not give permission for any new fossil fuel projects. Pouring more oil on a burning world is both mad and immoral.”

Eilidh McFadden, 20 from West Lothian said:

Many of my friends are facing prison sentences because they are terrified of what the climate crisis will mean for our generation if we don’t act now. I can’t let them do it alone, I can’t let them risk their freedom fighting for my future. It’s my responsibility and moral obligation to join them and stand up for what we all know is right.

Michelle Cadet-Rose, 56, from Chesterfield said:

“My mum was born in Barbados. My family on that beautiful little Caribbean Island are destined to drown or become refugees because of oil. So I stand here today in solidarity with my Barbadian family, and all peoples of the Caribbean and small islands of the Atlantic & Pacific – because if we don’t stop oil, these nations will literally cease to exist. The UK government is complicit in climate genocide, and must stop all new oil and gas projects now.”

Just Stop Oil supporters are being charged and imprisoned for telling the truth about the government’s genocidal pursuit of new oil and gas. We have made a conscious choice to resist the destruction of humanity and we are prepared to accept the consequences. We don’t need you to feel sorry for us, we need you to join us, to step up and take action. Join our zoom calls at 7pm. It’s 2022 and the time to stand by has passed.


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