Fuel Poverty Action joins We All Want to Just Stop Oil coalition

Fuel Poverty Action, the group campaigning to protect people from fuel poverty has joined Just Stop Oil and Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project in a new coalition We All Want to Just Stop Oil.

The coalition is aiming to urgently mobilise environmentalists, trade unions, and civil society organisations and ordinary people, to demand that the government takes immediate action to end the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis, by addressing its five key demands including ending new oil projects, insulating homes and ensuring energy for all. 

Ruth London Co-Director of Fuel Poverty Action said 

“It is heartening to see Just Stop Oil and Peace and Justice Project taking up the call for Energy For All – a free band of energy to cover everyone’s basic needs.  It is urgent for climate and energy campaigns to seriously confront the crisis hitting everyone’s pockets, and Just Stop Oil is doing that.”

We All Want to Just Stop Oil is holding a rally and sit down on 23rd July. The organisers say this will involve “dozens of swarming groups of people, setting off from various meeting points, meandering into central London and bringing the city to a standstill.” Marchers will converge on Parliament Square, have a symbolic mass sit down and then go to a nearby park to have participatory discussions in small groups. The aim is to recruit march participants to be active in their communities and organise further actions.

According to the organisers, the 23rd July action is a taster of what’s to come, with a “major wave of popular mass action” planned in the Autumn as the government fails to act on the cost of living and climate crisis. They claim that “ongoing organised peaceful civil disobedience – slow marches, sit downs, blockades, etc., week after week” is “how we will overcome entrenched power.”

We All Want to Just Stop Oil has five “specific, concrete and winnable” demands:

No New Oil – Don’t destroy our kids’ future

Tax Big Polluters and Billionaires – Make them pay

Energy for All – End choosing between heating and eating

Insulate our Homes – Lower bills, less CO2, lots of good union jobs

Cheap Public Transport – Make it cleaner and easier to get around

The coalition will seek to expand over the summer, bringing in other environmental and political groups and trade unions. The group is supporting the TUC’s 18 June national march and has already received affiliations from a number of trade union branches and trades councils.


For more information, please see WeAllWantToJustStopOil.com. Text on the website may be attributed in copy to the organisers. 

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