Civil resistance at HMP Altcourse as Just Stop Oil supporter faces more than 6 months in prison without trial

A coalition of groups opposed to new oil and gas gathered outside HMP Altcourse in Liverpool this afternoon to show support for prisoners being held unjustly in UK prisons. [1]

The demonstration was called in reaction to news yesterday that Louis McKechnie, 21, an engineering student from Weymouth, who invaded the Formula One racetrack at Silverstone on 3rd July was refused bail yesterday and has been ordered to remain in prison until his trial some time in 2023. He has already been in prison without trial for 90 days. [2][3]

Two Supporters, Hannah Bright, 20, sculpture student from Glasgow and Orla Murphy, 21, young campaigner from Cork threw black paint on the walls of HMP Altcourse in an act of nonviolent civil resistance. The pair then sat down to take responsibility for their actions. 

Speaking outside HMP Altcourse today, Orla Murphy said:
“Our friend Louis has been in prison for 3 months. Yesterday he was denied bail and the state is now going to keep him in prison for 7 months. Louis is 21. 7 months in prison. This will be his second Christmas spent in prison. And this is happening to people all over the UK. It is not right. Why are we shoving people in cells for months without trial?

We’re not going to sit here and let this go unchallenged. Just stop sending our people to prison! Start building communities. Show up on Sunday 9th October at 11AM outside Downing Street in Whitehall and let us stand with you against this shite.”

Speaking outside HMP Altcourse today, Hannah Bright said;

“We’re here today because we’re furious about the injustice of our friend being held for 7 months without trial, and we’re here for everyone who is a casualty to our ‘not fit for purpose’ prison system. I am in civil resistance for climate justice, for love, for compassion, for more humanity in this world, and that has to extend to people shoved in prisons, abused and forgotten about by society. 

A Spokesperson for the Just Stop Oil campaign said today;

“The public should expect to see more and more of our young people going into civil resistance as thousands and thousands of them become increasingly desperate that they have no future. Young people in the UK face a future of famine, disease and war and we are seeing societies around the world breaking down right now because governments, like ours in Britain, are failing to act.

New oil and gas needs to end, homes need to be insulated, we need safe and affordable public transport and we need a society that does not imprison people for calling out government failure. Supporters of Just Stop Oil are acting to uphold law and order right now, our government, by pushing for new oil and gas projects in the UK is destroying it.’ 


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Notes to Editors

[1] Just Stop Oil is a coalition of groups working together to demand that the government immediately halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK. More information here: