“We Can Win!” Thousands of people block 4 London bridges to demand an end to the cost of living and climate crisis

A mass civil resistance march involving thousands of people brought central London to a standstill by blocking roads and bridges today. The ‘We All Want to Just Stop Oil’ coalition is demanding an emergency response from the government to end the cost of living and climate crisis by stopping new oil and gas.  [1][2]

Supporters of Just Stop Oil, Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Insulate Britain and others assembled at major rail stations and other locations around the capital before marching to Westminster, where they blocked Waterloo, Westminster, Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges by sitting in the road. 

Just Stop Oil issued the following statement:

Enough is Enough! This Government is making a criminal decision to gamble with our lives. We are done with asking politely. We are done with A to B Marches. We are done with this corrupt and lying system. 

“From this moment, we declare Westminster a site of civil resistance. We call upon everyone to join us – to sit with us in the roads and disrupt the heart of power – and to stop this city from moving until this government takes immediate steps to meet our demands. To end the cost of living and climate crisis by stopping new oil and gas, to start a rapid transformation to a fairer society, decided by ordinary people and paid for by those who are profiting from humanity’s destruction.

This is not a one day event. This is not a symbolic day out, this is an act of resistance against this genocidal government. We will return tomorrow – and the next day – and the next day after that! 

“The most important thing you can do is to call everyone you know and ask them to come and join us. We need everyone to stand up and be counted, and to say not in my name will they willfully destroy everything we know and love.” 


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Notes to Editors

[1] ‘We All Want to Just Stop Oil’ is a coalition of groups working together to demand that the government immediately take steps to address the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis. More information on the coalition here: https://weallwanttojuststopoil.com/

Coalition Partners

Just Stop Oil. Just Stop New Oil and Gas. Let’s Start the Renewable Revolution.
Peace & Justice ProjectJust Stop the Rip Off. Let’s Start Nationalising Energy and Taxing Wealth
Fuel Poverty Action. Just Stop Energy Bill Increases. Let’s Start Energy For All.
Insulate Britain. Just Stop Fuel Poverty. Let’s Start Insulating.
Animal Rebellion. Just Stop Animal Farming and Fishing. Let’s Start Rewilding the Land.
Blacksox & Black Activist Rising Against Cuts (BARAC UK). Just Stop Colonisation. Let’s Start Climate Reparations.

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Just Stop Funding Trident. Let’s Start Funding Climate Solutions.
Wellbeing Economics Brighton. Just Stop Profit Before People Economics. Let’s Start Reforming Economics.


Stop The War Coalition. Just Stop Fossil-Fuelled Mass Murder. Let’s Start Diplomacy.
People’s Assembly. Just Stop Pretending You Represent Us. Let’s Start A Real Democracy For All.
Disabled People Against Cuts. Just Stop Attacks on Disabled People. Let’s Start Treating Disabled People Equally.
Extinction Rebellion Trade Unionists. Just Stop Trapping Workers in Unsustainable Industries. Let’s Start a Fair Transition for Workers.
Global Women’s Strike / Women of Colour.
End Fossil.

[2] The coalition partners and supporters are all marching under the shared banner ‘WE CAN WIN!’, with the following shared demands: 

Just Stop New Fossil Fuels; Let’s Start the Renewables Revolution. We want a future for ourselves and our kids.

Just Stop Energy Bill Increases; Let’s Start Energy for All. End choosing between heating and eating. 

Just Stop Billionaires; Let’s Start Taxing the Big Polluters and Super Rich. Make them pay.

Just Stop Destroying Jobs; Let’s Start Insulating.  Lower energy bills, tons of good, clean unionised jobs, much lower emissions.

Just Stop Trashing Public Transport; Let’s Start Nationalising Trains, Trams and Buses. Make it cleaner and easier to get around.

Just Stop Neo-Colonialism; Let’s Start Climate Reparations. Cancel the scandalous international debt burden on the Global South.

Just Stop Pretending You Represent Us; Let’s Start A Real Democracy For All. Politicians represent billionaires and big business. The people should make the decisions that affect the people.